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I was pleased to see 19 pages dedicated to my subject in Louis-Geraud Castor and Willy Huybrechts’ coffee table book “Eyre de Lanux, An American Decorator in Paris”. The pleasant peek inside Alice’s friendship with Eyre was a little light, … Continue reading

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Missing: “Turn of the Century”…..last seen in Weston, Conn. August 31, 1983

If there was ever any doubt (and I admit, there were indeed times when it seeped in) I finally found proof in Alice’s own handwriting, August 9th, 1973: I have started to get at the ‘turn of the century’ memoirs … Continue reading

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“I have known sadness and dark days but I still have dreams and once I walked on diamonds.” (Note found amongst Keith Ingermann’s estate)

Discovered at the age of 16 during a Palm Beach clothesline art exhibit in 1945, Keith Ingermann grew to become a favorite artist to former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Prince Rainier of Monaco, Baroness Pauline de Rothschild, and His Highness … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Alice!

Alice Antoinette DeLamar came into this world 120 years ago today. While I doubt she would have wanted any hubbub of a party and certainly not a surprise party (oh dear, that would have been rattling), I do imagine she … Continue reading

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The Long Island Country House

The challenging and short-lived father-daughter relationship between Alice and Joseph is certainly a worthy angle in writing Alice’s life story but even I had to question my motive in poking around Glen Cove one recent winter morning. Did I believe … Continue reading

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“Rubbish written about my father…”

I’m all about the DeLamar name this week; likely because of a recent stay at the so aptly named, although unrelated, “DeLamar Hotel” in Connecticut. I picked through my Joseph file and decided I’d best glean some new and fresh information from all of this … Continue reading

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Where the story began…

Just what did I expect to find at Woodlawn, the most famous of New York cemeteries? I had a few hours tucked into a Saturday afternoon and it was on my way to JFK, so I asked myself, “Why not … Continue reading

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