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Overlooked Women….

Well this caught my eye! So much so that we’ve submitted a draft obit for the project.  While I realize Alice would likely shun all glitz and glam of being in the Times, however, she darn well warrants it!  First … Continue reading

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“It was around the Alice DeLamar thing…”

Despite my recent aggravating inertia regarding “the hunt” I came across a tidbit of data that perked me up and clarified what I’ve been trying to say for some time.  Fred Hellerman, former singer from the folk group The Weavers, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Miss DeLamar! (and Shakespeare)

As my obsession continues to further uncover Alice’s life story I’m routinely struck by the tidbits of info that continue to seep into my Inbox.  These nuggets of insight allowing us to peek inches further into Alice– who today, would … Continue reading

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Alice would be so proud…Keith was one of her favorites and judging from their letters the friendship ran deep.  Keith’s work lives on….    

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Christmas at the DeLamar household

I often wonder how Alice celebrated the holidays….there isn’t much said in her cards, papers and letters other than brief descriptions of menu recommendations for her cook and the mention of hosting a few cocktail parties. Here are two of … Continue reading

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The proof is in the…

Another hint surfaces! There was indeed “a book” as we see here in a note from a friend.  I recently received a collection of papers, letters, photos and manuscript notes (handwritten notes of Alice’s)  further proving her intent and progress … Continue reading

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Another DeLamar mystery to be solved…

So I’m quite surprised, and I admit, slightly humored, by the fact I haven’t yet received a call from the Glen Cove police regarding these gates….if ANYONE would want this piece of history it surely would be me.  To have and to hold these … Continue reading

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