“It was around the Alice DeLamar thing…”

Despite my recent aggravating inertia regarding “the hunt” I came across a tidbit of data that perked me up and clarified what I’ve been trying to say for some time.  Fred Hellerman, former singer from the folk group The Weavers, who sadly died last September, but said in an interview the spring of 2016 that was recorded for the Weston Historical Society:

So, you ask, what motivated me to move from the vibrant life in Greenwich Village to Weston? It was around the Alice Delamar thing. Alice, an heiress to the 3M fortune, had a big house, a pool, and extensive property at the corner of Weston Road and Newtown Turnpike. In the ‘60s she liked to have interesting people from the arts surrounding her: dancers, musicians, artists, theatrical people, all from New York. Also, my friend and manager Harold Leventhal lived here. And my God this was only an hour away from New York!”

Okay so dear old Fred didn’t quite get the facts 100% correct (heiress to the 3M fortune? I think not) but his statement about Alice’s allure said it all…she had “that thing” that people wanted to be around.  Yes the big house, the ginormous pool, the colorful guests….but she also had a generous spirit and a nonjudgmental permission for all to be as they were.

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4 Responses to “It was around the Alice DeLamar thing…”

  1. Mary hutchens says:

    Interesting bit and nice to read you again Nona!

  2. DesigNation says:

    Hi, Manuscript Hunter –
    In any of her reminiscences that you have been privy to, did Alice ever mention her father giving her a dollhouse to play with? This probably occurred when they moved back to NY and Alice was about 5 or 6. Thanks!

  3. Erin Major says:

    Hi Manuscript hunter!
    I’m actually in search of a photo from Alice’s Weston house that was shown to me years ago. It’s a photo of Salvador Dali sitting on the back terrace. Would you happen to know where I can find that? Also I’d love to talk to you privately about information I have about Alice sometime. Thanks!

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