The proof is in the…

Another hint surfaces! There was indeed “a book” as we see here in a note from a friend.  I recently received a collection of papers, letters, photos and manuscript notes (handwritten notes of Alice’s)  further proving her intent and progress in writing her father’s (and undoubtedly her own) life story.  The box sat under her chauffeur’s bed post-1983 until it was ‘handed over’ to someone looking into the story of one of Alice’s artists.  Why do these boxes of treasures make their way into the light of day…and MOST intriguingly, why did people save Alice ephemera for decades?

And why so much mystery still surrounding this generous soul? Why won’t my main sources just come out and admit that this manuscript did, in fact, exist? I have amassed pages…. 100s at this point…of Alice musings and the stories of her tribe’s antics….names, addresses, calendar entries of where she was and when throughout most of the Midcentury….all telling the life story of Alice DeLamar. Yes there were Communists, yes there were the straight, the gay and the undecided, and yes there was scandal and gossip. Nothing we haven’t all read in our latest Vanity Fair issues or read on FaceBook!


Book Reference

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  1. Terry lantry says:

    Wondering who wrote that letter.

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