Missing: “Turn of the Century”…..last seen in Weston, Conn. August 31, 1983

If there was ever any doubt (and I admit, there were indeed times when it seeped in) I finally found proof in Alice’s own handwriting,

August 9th, 1973: I have started to get at the ‘turn of the century’ memoirs that I am trying to do.  My biggest confusion is which episodes to put first and which next…

Ah-ha!…. tell me about it!  With the 1000s of letters, collections of daily calendars, boxes of pictures, slides and cards, I too often wonder which episodes of Alice’s most wonderfully colorful and attempted private life to put in which order.

Alice’s life was one full of travel, reading, entertaining, gardening, and culture spanning two World Wars, The Depression and The Midcentury. I have the voices of her friends, her tenants, and even her last secretary in my head from numerous interviews. Oh yes indeed, didn’t I tell you? “Miss Mac.” the elusive and last secretary of Miss DeLamar’s exists!  She lives! She remembers!  And she certainly had nice things to say about working for Miss DeLamar (despite hauling all of Alice’s personal belongings into trash bags the day Alice died) ….and yet she remained steadfast in a tight lipped refusal to tell me anything new or anything that could be “quoted”.  Although perhaps that furthers our case …there is indeed a load of secrets being kept out there.  When I recently, out of exasperation, asked sources point-blank and perhaps more forceful than in the past, “Where is the manuscript?” the faces inevitably turn away and the eyes avert.  What on earth are these people hiding??

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