“I have known sadness and dark days but I still have dreams and once I walked on diamonds.” (Note found amongst Keith Ingermann’s estate)


Discovered at the age of 16 during a Palm Beach clothesline art exhibit in 1945, Keith Ingermann grew to become a favorite artist to former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Prince Rainier of Monaco, Baroness Pauline de Rothschild, and His Highness Maharana Bhagwat of Udaipur. With strikingly Hollywood good looks, charm, suave, wit and just the right amount of cattiness, Keith was every wealthy widow’s dream date.

IMG_4274Keith’s friends made up the Who’s Who of Monaco, San Remo, Palm Beach – and that included our dear Alice DeLamar. Keith and Alice traveled the world together and grew to become true friends, each appreciating each others’ quirks, eccentricities and sharing a love of beautiful things in the world…

“Alice was a very important person in my life and until the last day I will always love her and never stop being grateful for the life she made possible for me. Her help was not only financial but there was constant confidence, enthusiasm, and encouragement for me and my work.

IMG_0710 IMG_0753

A year after Keith’s passing his closest friends extended great generosity and hospitality, allowing me to spend time in Keith’s studio reading letters, clippings, gallery catalogs and seeing his magnificent paintings on display and stacked away in cabinets and storage lockers.  Of course I was hunting for the manuscript and what I found, beyond clear indication of the depth of his friendship with Alice, was a most complex yet incredibly gifted and highly social man. His last show was du 20 juillet au 13 septembre 2007 at the Quai des restaurant in magical Monaco.

IMG_4276 IMG_4277

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One Response to “I have known sadness and dark days but I still have dreams and once I walked on diamonds.” (Note found amongst Keith Ingermann’s estate)

  1. James Fleming says:

    Hi manuscripthunter,
    My name is James Fleming, I am Ketih Ingermann’s nephew (his sister, Betty Ingermann’s, son) I came across your posts tonight and I’m very curious about your interest in my uncle and a “manuscript”. When Keith died in Monaco we never really heard anything about his papers. I would be so interesting to hear more about what you discovered.

    P.S. My mother is still alive, 97, in Palm Beach Gardens. She is is good health but has very poor memory.

    James Fleming

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