Happy Birthday Alice!

Alice Antoinette DeLamar came into this world 120 years ago today. While I doubt she would have wanted any hubbub of a party and certainly not a surprise party (oh dear, that would have been rattling), I do imagine she would have been surrounded by The Madam, Aileen, Twig (pre-betrayal), a Jones sister or three, Petey, Ned, Dick, Ouida, Thad, George, Keith. Who am I kidding – there would have definitely been a party and in Palm Beach by the pool. Drinks in hand, clusters of chaise lounges alongside the palms, lunch al fresco, Limoges plates filling tables, accompanying silverware gleaming, a lot of gossip and someone with a Rolleiflex capturing the expressions, antics and the unwrapping of the gifts.  Just what would one buy Alice?  She treasured books, glass paperweights, paintings and flowers. She loved ashtrays from ships, hotels and restaurants too but she usually pocketed those herself.

This picture taken on property at South Ocean Boulevard, allows us a very rare view of Alice….her expression of freedom and happiness, almost a smile. I’d like to think there were more moments such as these for dear Alice over her 88 years.

In an April 23rd 1946 diary entry she wrote:

“Tues 23 – Birthday (51!) swam at Ocean House…Fished all afternoon in boat Katia chartered, caught 2 nice dolphins”

Alice April 23


One thought on “Happy Birthday Alice!

  1. terrylantry April 23, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    Fabulous!!  What a great picture and an awesome looking Alice. A diary?       Terry

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