The Long Island Country House

The challenging and short-lived father-daughter relationship between Alice and Joseph is certainly a worthy angle in writing Alice’s life story but even I had to question my motive in poking around Glen Cove one recent winter morning. Did I believe that by some miracle the missing manuscript would surface? A clue would emerge? A ghost would offer guidance or, more likely, further discouragement from revealing anything too detailed?  I drove to the end of Red Spring Lane and immediately noticed this section of remaining gate…

I was breathless. And not just because of the brisk air and piercing blue skies punctuating the vastness of the former DeLamar property and what must have been here all those decades ago. It was stunning – simply a magnificent piece of property fit for “The Silver King”. But then my eye caught an even better view of a DeLamar legacy to the land…

The “D” in the gate was still intact. Rough to the touch but still paying homage to who originally owned the Gates168 room mansion on 47 acres that in 1916 Joseph confidently predicted “Would stand 400 years!” The $4M French Classical Revival built by Charles P.H. Gilbert sadly went to auction in 1924 and “Sold!” for $682,126 to Mr Arthur Loew, Sr., son of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer founder Marcus Loew, only to be torn down in 1964.

I took one more look before driving over to the library which housed all historical documents for the Gold Coast mansions.  The librarian I spoke with in advance of my visit indicated there were “some files” on Pembroke that I was free to browse.  But upon walking in, introducing myself and trying to manage my expectations of what
would be in the files, what did I hear from said librarian?  “You won’t believe what we found yesterday!”  My heart stopped.  The ma….manu….manuscript perhaps? Close!  A box containing over 100 8×10 black and white photos of Pembroke, Joseph, Alice and a few ivory embroidered dinner napkins (weird but still very cool), menu cardstock (Joseph apparently liked ivory and gold).  And it was “found” in the archive drawers of the library.  Just like that….found, discovered, uncovered, revealed, after what? 90+ years since Joseph left the mansion?  A-ha! So there IS hope for the Alice manuscript…it’s just a matter of looking.



One thought on “The Long Island Country House

  1. Shareen Brysac January 13, 2015 / 1:48 pm


    I was looking at a new book entitled Loulou (de la Falaise) at the Westport Library . Her grandmother stayed with Alice in Palm Beach along with Givenchy. This is the one mention. This grandmother, Rhoda Birley ,was the mother of Maxime de la Falaise and also of Mark Birley, who owned Annabelle’s, London’s hotspot of the 90s. Lots on the family on Wiki. Best for the New Year, Shareen >

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