Who’s the Mystery Man?

While experiencing somewhat of a blockage in my manuscript hunt, I considered it perhaps wise to peek into the lives of the wonderful people whose smiles, mugs and poses fill the albums and snapshots I’ve amassed ….maybe THEY could lead me to a clue or, god-willing, the document itself?

After trotting all over Europe this past summer for the manuscript hunt (well, just through the South of France and Switzerland), I carried this photo everywhere and asked all of my sources (French, Moroccan, Swiss, German, British, American) if they knew who this striking man was….but no takers. He looked strangely familiar to many but no one was able to come up with a name.

So what do we see in this photo?  Alice all dolled up, hair carefully pinned, engaged in cocktail chatter in front of a painting….it could be at the Hammer Gallery, The Worth Avenue Gallery…but doesn’t that painting somewhat resemble a Keith Ingermann?  I asked several of his friends and patrons but no one recognized it as his work.  Mmm…..who could this man be?

Alice and Mystery Man_Palm BeachMystery Man Close Up

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One Response to Who’s the Mystery Man?

  1. Debra Bova says:

    This appears to be the same gentleman who is sitting in the parlor with the group shot shown in your post of January 2013. Not 100% certain but I would bet on it. He is sitting on the end

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