The Mysterious Heiress

Within a year of inheriting $10,000,000 Alice’s name and picture starting showing up publicly in 1919 in newspapers such as The Kansas City Star, Daily Advertiser Gazette (Illinois), The Denver Post, The New Orleans States and Seattle Daily Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer where Society Oracle columnist Jane Grant declared, “Alice DeLamar, the beautiful heiress…startled society by refusing Prince Carol of Roumania, when two seasons ago he came to this country for the express purpose of winning the spirited beauty…Miss DeLamar met the Prince through her great friend Princess Anastasia of Greece.”

Alice_Seattle Daily Times_May 4 1919

Alice_Seattle Daily Times_Dec 25 1921

Alice_Seattle Daily Times July 15 1923

Who knows how these rag writers found the material to espouse such speculation but the articles are entertaining to read – perhaps they are the early 20th Century-version of People Magazine? With headlines such as, “The Girl Who Can’t Get Away from Her Millions” and “Love’s Lightning Dodging Around the DeLamar Heiress” and “How Captain DeLamar’s Palaces of Disappointment Became the Homes of Happiness” and with the right size magnifying glass, one can get hours of reading entertainment..

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